Realtors: Get Your Clients Financed with Rental Property Loans

Realtors: Get Your Clients Financed with Rental Property Loans

Realtors: Get Your Clients Financed with Rental Property Loans

As a Realtor, a fair amount of your income depends on closing deals. Unfortunately, at nearly any point in the process before closing, there’s always a chance that a deal could fall through. When this happens, you not only lose out on your potential commission—but you’ve already invested a lot of your precious time that you cannot get back.

If you have a real estate deal with an investor that’s at risk of falling through due to financing issues, don’t give up. CCIG is here to help with rental property loans designed with the investor in mind.

Is Your Deal At Risk of Falling Through?

There are many reasons why a real estate deal with an investor may fall through, but problems with financing are among the most common. Oftentimes, an investor may believe he or she will have no trouble getting approved for an investment loan, whether it be on a 1-4 family property, a multi-family property, or even a commercial property. Unfortunately, when it comes down to the loan underwriting process, this is when issues with income verification, credit, and other factors tend to arise.

By this point, you’ve already come quite far in the process, most likely having reached a pricing agreement with the seller. Unfortunately, if your buyer can’t secure financing, your entire deal could fall through.

How CCIG Can Help

At Commercial Capital Investor Group (CCIG), we specialize in financing options that can help your clients in ways that a traditional lender simply can’t. This includes easy, fast, and flexible investment property financing solutions for any property type.

These financing options begin with just a credit check and your investor’s 1003. From there, we offer flexible loan terms for all property types with no need for income verification. Even if your buyer has less-than-perfect credit, we can find a lending solution that works for them.

Meanwhile, we take great pride in offering competitive fixed and adjustable rates, as well as 30-year terms and fast closing. In fact, once an applicant is pre-approved, it is possible to secure financing in as little as four weeks. This means you can have your deal closed in about a month.

Get Your Client Started Today

Don’t let your next investment property deal fall through due to income verification, poor credit, or other problems on your buyer’s end. The next time you find yourself in this stressful position as a Realtor, talk to your client about investment property loans from CCIG. This could absolutely mean the difference between closing a deal and starting back from the beginning.

If your investor is interested, encourage him or her to get pre-approved today. The process is quick and easy, and pre-approval is the first step to securing financing for any type of property. If you or your client have any questions about the process, you can get in touch with our knowledgeable team at (877) 383-1247. We look forward to working with your client!

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