Mixed Use

Mixed Use

We Help You Understand the Benefits
of Investing in Mixed-Use Property

Investing in a mixed-use property will diversify your portfolio and create a multiple channels of revenue for you.

Mixed-Use properties are comprised of buildings zoned for multiple uses—residential, commercial- and most buildings with at least two units of differing use will qualify for our financing program.


Your Mixed-Use Investment Property

At Commercial Capital Investor Group, LLC, we have extensive experience lending to investors of mixed-use properties and will help you see potential that other lenders may overlook.

Our flexible lending programs offer investors fast and easy loans based not on income, but on the value of your mixed-use property and its potential to generate income. Our experience in working with investors of mixed-use properties will benefit you as we can evaluate the mix and value of your tenants to help secure you the most favorable financing available.

Mixed Use Property Financing

Flexible Loan Terms

Work with our team to determine the right lending solutions for your next investment.