Investor 1-4

Investor 1-4

Grow Your Portfolio with
a Residential Investment Property

All real estate investors start somewhere and residential properties — single family homes, multi-family homes, or condominiums — are the perfect starting point to build your portfolio and launch your business.

Our rental property loans provide investors a quick lane to building a steady monthly cash flow while maintaining their current business model.


Your Residential Investment Property

Commercial Capital Investor Group, LLC works to provide you with a fast and easy loan to finance your investment property. Applying for a loan is an easy process—a credit report and a 1003 is all you need to get started today.

As a correspondent lender, we set our own standards for underwriting. We look at the property, it’s value, and the potential for it to generate revenue and not the investor’s personal income when considering a loan application. That’s why we will fund investments when traditional lender’s can’t.

We offer a wide variety of fixed-rate and variable-rate loans for investors purchasing a residential property.

Applying for a Loan is an Easy Process

Get started with your pre-approval now, and we could have your financing for you in 4 weeks or less!