4 Advantages of Being Proactive in Getting Your Client Pre-approved

4 Advantages of Being Proactive in Getting Your Client Pre-approved

4 Advantages of Being Proactive in Getting Your Client Pre-approved

Real estate agents already know the tremendous advantage that pre-approved buyers have. Surprisingly, though, many property buyers are naive about this step, either out of ignorance or from being misinformed. When buyers without pre-approval come to an agent, the agent often takes their situation and works with it as-is. But there are a lot of benefits to taking the time to proactively get all of your clients pre-approved before even looking for an investment with them.

1. You Know Your Buyer is Qualified

Finding an investment property for a client is time-consuming, as every buyer’s agent knows. The worst scenario that can unfold is when the agent has matched up the perfect property with their client, only to have the deal fall through because the buyer can’t get approved for the mortgage. For years, this situation has been simply accepted as one of the challenges of being a real estate agent, but that doesn’t have to be the case. By getting every client pre-approved, you can drastically reduce the number of failed transactions.

2. Value-Added Service

When you come to your client with an extra service that will greatly improve their chances of being the new owner of an investment property, you’re adding value that many other agents simply don’t have. When you work with CCIG Loans, you can guide your clients through a pre-approval process so they don’t have to go it alone. Your client will appreciate all your “hand-holding,” not realizing that CCIG is actually doing the heavy lifting. We make you look good for your clients, and we’re happy to play that role for you.

3. You’ll Encourage Your Client to Make a Decision Faster

Buyer’s agents know only too well how some kinds of clients can hem and haw before making a decision. It’s as if they want to go ahead with a purchase, but there’s some part of them that is holding them back. Clients like this inadvertently take up a lot of real estate agents’ time while they try to decide which property they actually want to make an offer on. But when you are proactive about getting your clients pre-approved, you remove a huge obstacle to their moving forward. Because many clients are subconsciously worried that they won’t get the approval they need, your proactive efforts will light a fire under them and likely encourage them to make a decision faster than they might have previously.

4. You’ll Have More Clients

Once word gets out that you not only deal with buying investment properties but also work with clients on getting them pre-approved, your client referrals are very likely to increase exponentially. Not many real estate agents are willing to get into the financing hurdles so this will be a game changer that will set you well ahead of your competitors.

The more you work with CCIG Loans on getting your clients pre-approved, the more you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it this way all along. Contact us today to learn more about our pre-approval process.


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